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Zebrabox Sants-Badal in Barcelona is conveniently situated near the lively Rambla Badal promenade and the Carretera des Sants. Just a short stroll away, you'll find the Badal metro station, making this location centrally positioned in a vibrant district. Offering an impressive selection of over 200 individual storage units, Zebrabox Sants-Badal caters to both personal and business requirements, ensuring that everyone can find their ideal storage solution.

Your benefits with Zebrabox

Storage units in various dimensions

Exhausted space in your cellar or looking to temporarily store your belongings during home remodeling? Self-storage units are perfect for transient storage while relocating, renovating, embarking on a globetrotting adventure, or even as a prolonged storage resolution for seasonal articles like patio furniture, athletic gear, literature, or cartons of interior decoration. With storage units available in sizes ranging from 1-50m2, you can rest assured that there is an ideal Zebrabox waiting for you.

Practical and comfortable

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of carrying heavy items back and forth. Zebrabox offers practical trolleys that allow you to effortlessly transport your belongings to and from your storage space without putting unnecessary strain on your back. The covered loading areas ensure that you stay dry and comfortable even in bad weather.

Secure and suitable for all items

Embrace peace of mind as all storage units and the entire facility remain under the watchful eyes of round-the-clock video monitoring. Valuable possessions, like antique furniture or exquisite art pieces, find a safe haven within the climate-controlled storage units, where unwavering temperatures and optimal humidity levels are maintained. 

Flexible rental periods

Life can change unexpectedly, requiring immediate solutions. At Zebrabox, you have access to your storage unit every day of the year, offering ultimate flexibility. Whether you need the unit now or in the future, for a short or long period, our contract options can be tailored to your needs. The procedures are straightforward – you can cancel with just 14 days' notice, either in writing or by phone.

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