Ideal humidity at your home

Air that is too humid or too dry affects our well-being. With simple tips and tricks, you can achieve the ideal humidity in your home. Plus, learn how to best store furniture, documents and more.

The indoor climate in your home plays a big role in your well-being. Humidity levels are also an important factor because a room that is too humid or too dry can affect your health.

The ideal indoor climate

A relative humidity of 40-60% is ideal in your home. This percentage indicates the moisture content for the given air temperature. If the temperature increases, the air can absorb more moisture. Optimal humidity together with a room temperature of between 20 and 23 degrees Celsius is good for your health and your furniture. In a bedroom, a cool temperature of 18 degrees Celsius is perfect for resting and relaxation.

How to air your house & other life hacks

In summer, homes tend to have higher humidity, while in winter, homes are often filled with dry air from heating systems. You can check the relative humidity in your home at any time using a hygrometer. Use the following tips to find the perfect balance and achieve the optimal humidity in your home:

  • Correct ventilation: If the air in your home is too humid, you should fully open the windows several times a day for five to 25 minutes. You can also balance out the humidity in dry rooms with the more humid outside air. So, airing your rooms correctly is key! Tip: Having one hygrometer inside and one outside will show you when it’s worth ventilating the room.
  • Granules and bowls: Place bowls around the house filled with cat litter, sand, salt or rice to draw moisture out of the air. If a room is too dry, simply use containers of water for the opposite effect.
  • Closed doors: If areas of your house are heated differently, you should avoid letting the air move from warmer rooms to colder ones. In colder rooms, the air absorbs less water. When warm air enters, the water will settle on colder surfaces. To avoid mould, it’s best to close the doors.
  • Open doors: However, if your room is too dry in winter then open the doors. This will allow the moist air from the bathroom and kitchen to move around and helps balance out the humidity in the rest of the house.
  • Indoor plants: Sansevieria, spider plants and similar help create a good indoor climate. Not only do they give off oxygen, but they also remove any harmful pollutants from the air. However, in rooms with high humidity, you’ll need to get rid of your jungle.
  • Dehumidifiers & humidifiers: The ultimate solution is to use a humidifier or dehumidifier to achieve the ideal indoor climate. This also benefits your furniture by preventing fluctuations in humidity and room temperature.

Storing your furniture & belongings at the ideal humidity

If your home is too damp or too dry, it can affect your furniture. Even when storing your favourite belongings, it's important to check that they're kept in a space with a constant humidity level.

  • Your wooden furniture is best stored at a constant temperature and humidity. If exposed to fluctuations, the wood may warp. High humidity can also cause leather furniture to crack and become discoloured.
  • If clothes are stored in a basement with high humidity, they can be affected by moths or mould.
  • Your art, pictures and documents need a constant temperature, low humidity and should not be exposed to direct UV light. Otherwise, oxidation occurs which causes items to turn yellow.
  • Metal objects should be stored in a location with low humidity. This will keep collectors' items (antique sculptures, cups, candlestick holders, etc.) and everyday objects, such as cutlery, free from rust.


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