Smart storage: finally live without feeling cramped

Do you know that feeling, when suddenly nothing seems to fit properly anymore? Everything becomes too tight, too small and too cramped? Just like your favourite jeans, your apartment can also burst at the seams. So that it doesn't come to that, there is a great space-saving diet without the yo-yo effect: self-storage.

Lie down, take a deep breath in, tense your stomach and then PUUUUULL – and hope that the zip doesn't break. It's like something magic happened overnight. Your favourite jeans fitted perfectly just the other day. But now they’re making you resemble a squashed sausage. Not exactly a pretty sight.

A similar thing can also happen over time to your own home. Areas which were previously spacious and where everything looked so beautiful, suddenly accumulate a lot of stuff. All at once there are paper mountains, boxes stacking up behind the bedroom door and shelves brimming with odds and ends. Also not nice. The only thing that can help is a storage diet. Yes, you read that right. And as with any trendy diet, it naturally stems from the USA. Its name: self-storage.

By following this method, the apartment will slim down quickly and without much effort. How? It’s simple: rent a storage unit, put in everything that is getting in the way at home and that's it! The sizes range from XXXS to XXXL, so everyone can find their perfect fit. Sound too good to be true? For Americans, self-storage is just as common as cheesecake and milkshakes and renting a storage unit of up to 100 square metres is not unusual. You've got to treat yourself sometimes.

Self-storage: a simple yet ingenious idea for storing things!

Storing your belongings in a room outside your home, due to lack of space in your own house, pretty much sums up self-storage. Renting a storage unit is easy way to gain extra storage space. Urban life thrives on flexibility and sometimes changes spontaneously.

This is exactly where self-storage comes in: you don't have to get rid of your household items permanently and can just store some or all of your furniture, belongings and space-consuming items for a short time. This means you can just put all the things in your storage unit that you don’t need at the moment (or this season), you can store furniture, boxes or your skis in summer, all the things that are encroaching on your own home. Self-storage is a practical and safe way of storing these space-consuming items for as long as you need.

Smart storage: expert self-storage solutions

There are many reasons for storing your treasured belongings elsewhere. It might just be short-term for a couple of days or weeks or possibly longer. Perhaps you're planning a sabbatical, your basement is damp or you’re about to start a semester studying overseas. There are many reasons. Perhaps you want to put in a new floor or your parents have decided that you and your belongings need to find somewhere else to stay after your latest party? For every space problem there is an individual solution. It makes a difference whether you just have a couple of old love letters that you want to store or whether it's your bulky garden furniture, ski equipment or even all of your furniture. Then self-storage becomes more like relocating. Either way, this clever storage method has a positive side effect: you decide what is worth storing and what can be thrown away. Self-storage or decluttering – both give you freedom to move!


Storage unit for furniture: step-by-step instructions

Would you like more space? No problem. How much space do you need? It doesn't matter if you only want to store a few boxes or small items or if you need to store all the furniture from a large family house. Extra storage is available from a one cubic metre storage cabinet to storage units of over 50 square metres.

But space is money! So, it’s important that you think about what you want to store and how much space you really need well in advance. It might be a long time since you last did maths. Calculating the space is the biggest challenge for many people. Just ask for advice, rather than doing the maths yourself. There is often a surprising amount of space even in small units, if it is used optimally. You can use every centimetre and fill it up to the top. Shelves are allowed and help to create extra storage space.

So, go ahead and find the right-sized storage unit for you:

1. Step: Get an overview of what you want to move out. If it is a manageable amount, you can gather it all together and get a good impression of how much space it takes up.

2. Step: Use the Volume Calculator to get an initial idea of how much space you need.

3. Step: If you are unsure, ask just in case and make use of the free advice from Zebrabox.

4. Step: Follow our self-storage top tips. Then nothing can go wrong.

5. Step: Live without that cramped up feeling and simply sit back and enjoy your newly gained space.

Using your Zebrabox storage unit:

store everything right with these top tips

There are many reasons for renting a storage unit – and one solution. Self-storage. When using self-storage, it is important to store items correctly and strategically. Let us explain.