6 tips for less stress when moving in together

Do you finally want to move into a flat together, but are afraid of too much of a stress on your relationship? In our article, we give you six tips for how you can avoid possible sources of stress and make moving fun.

Is there anything better for a relationship than finally being able to move into a flat together? Living together is one of the goals of every couple and yet you should take off your rose coloured glasses and take a closer look. Simply moving in without much planning will result in various sources of stress. With our six tips, moving into your shared flat is guaranteed to be less stressful.

1. Are we ready?

Before you start looking for a flat together or for the right furniture, you have to ask yourself if you are ready to move in together.  However, this question cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. Certain couples move in together after a few months and others first after a couple of years. The important thing is: Don't rush it! Get to know your partner properly first. For example, go on a holiday together or do a “trial week” by staying together in your significant other’s flat for a week and experiencing everyday life.

2. Are we going to my place or yours?

Before you can move in together, you have to find the right flat. "Are we going to my place or yours"? This question is often asked when the partners are already living in their own flats. If you move in with your partner or he moves in with you, it is important that whoever moves is not just seen as a guest. Otherwise this can stress the partnership in the long term. Let your partner redesign your flat according to his/her taste so that your flat becomes the flat for both of you.

3. What do we need?

It is, however, better if you start “on neutral ground”, i.e. in a new flat. In this way, the needs of both of you can be met. But what should the flat look like? What requirements do you have? Compromises must and should be made here too. Don’t just think about the properties of the flat such as a balcony, bathtub or the size, but also think about the transport links or the general location of the flat.

4. One flat, two interior designers

Once you have found the perfect flat, it's on to furnishing: Which couch are we taking? My partner wants to keep his old office desk, but I do not like it at all. This and many other possible points of dispute arise when looking for the perfect flat furnishings for in between your four walls.

For items that you want to bring with you to the new flat, it is recommended to give each person two vetoes, for example. You can use your veto for items that you definitely do not want to have in the flat. To promote a sense of “we”, it is recommended to make purchases together. In this way you can design together and build something together. This fosters the relationship and partners can agree on furniture together that they both like.

5. The dear money

As we have learned, making purchases together is good for the “we feeling”, but of course they are not free. Do you go half-and-half or do you pay for certain pieces of furniture individually? You should also figure out in advance how to handle the rental costs and the costs for food.  Especially for couples whose income is very different, you can also agree on a proportionate payment where the costs are divided according to percentage of income.

Even though it is difficult and often feels unnecessary because of the intoxication of love: Put in writing who paid how much for which pieces of furniture. In this way, you will still have an overview of your finances years later and will avoid unnecessary stress.

6. Where do the excess items go?

Have you found the right flat, the furnishings are set up and everything else is also arranged? So where does my favourite sofa go that is not coming with us to the flat and I don't want to sell at the flea market? Or the countless memories of all of my trips that had to go to make room for my partner's countless clothes?

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